"Dr. Acosta has been taking care of my pets for many many years and I trust her implicitly. She is a wonderful diagnostician, is kind and compassionate and clearly adores animals. She has been an incredible comfort to me during the illness and passing of my cats as well as an enthusiastic aid in the research to find my new kittens. I'm so glad and lucky to have found her."

-Lisa White


"Dr. Chantal Acosta has been my dog, Finn’s vet since 2008.  Finn was diagnosed with Diabetes Mellitus (meaning he requires insulin injections 2x a day) at 9 years old.  Dr. Acosta taught me how to draw blood and how to do blood glucose curves at home. This was no small task since I live alone and taking blood was not easy with a stubborn Cairn Terrier.  This made it easier on Finn in terms of being able to monitor his diabetes at home.  Finn is now 13 and doing great.  Dr. Acosta has three qualities I look for in a vet- she is smart, inquisitive and caring." 

-Pat Marshall

"Dr. Acosta sets herself apart from other vets not only because she went to the best veterinary school in the country or because she is so knowledgeable, but because she truly cares. Animals are her passion and it shines through in her work. She takes extra steps to make both my dog and myself comfortable. She goes out of her way to make sure I am informed and out of her way to follow up and check on him every time she sees him. She is truly special; I trust her implicitly and value our relationship. "

-Dayna Kalmus


I will never stop being grateful for Dr. Acosta's help over the past years. She has not only "saved a life, but saw one peacefully through because of her sensitivity and extra care and research on an animal's behalf. My dear cat Tamara had a lung condition that was hard to diagnose, but through Dr. Acosta's research we were able to take her off prednisone and give her an easy inhaler that changed the quality of her life and elongated it comfortably for many years. After I lost Tamara, I was heartbroken when a rescue out of difficult circumstances was found to have cancer and quickly declined just as she learned to trust she had a family. I believe Dr. Chantal felt my sadness when she made a house call in the end so that little Suzette never had to suffer or leave her forever home while she lived. Now, I'm happy to say Dr. Acosta is helping to keep my three little kittens strong and well! She is a gift. I only wish I could find a doctor for myself like her!"

-Melissa Kalt

“Excellent doctor who doesn't rush through the visit. Dr Acosta will always explain everything so we can understand each step of the exams and procedures. She is a pleasure to talk to I couldn't ask for a better Vet for my 3 dogs. For me she is a extended part of my family . Extremely compassionate to the feelings of our dogs and to me.”

-Carol Martin

"We have a 9 year old Yorkshire Terrier named Sammy. Dr. Acosta has been his veterinarian since he was four months old. Sammy was born with chronic kidney and liver problems and Dr. Acosta has been his sole healthcare provider for all these years. Dr. Acosta is comprehensive, compassionate, empathetic, attentive and professional all the time. We know Dr. Acosta loves animals, because she puts her heart into her work. We highly recommend Dr. Acosta as an exceptional veterinarian." 

-Brian Wilkins and Leslie Blaine-Wilkins